Weld Air and Water



We are a grassroots group of Weld County, Colorado citizens organizing our community around oil and gas development in our neighborhoods, providing information, and advocating for health and safety .  We hope you find our site informative, educational, and inspiring!

Current News

                Drilling by Frontier & in Mid-town         

   What Can I Do?

      1. Keep learning, researching and asking questions: Move beyond propaganda and look for reputable information from scientific, medical and public health resources. Come to Community Forums on April 14, 28 and May 12. More information soon…
      2. Talk to others about the issue/Organize your school and neighbors: Help get the dialogue going in your neighborhood, school, workplace, church etc. Write a letter to the editor. Host an information meeting. Fight fear and fatalism with facts and action! 
      3. Join Weld Air and Water: Stay up-to-date, join others that care, and work together to make a difference – www.weldairandwater.org. Make a contribution to the Legal Defense Fund to support additional expenses for appeals and lawsuits.
      4. Sign a petition, collect additional signatures and return them to WAW before the Public Hearing on your Site. Volunteer to canvass your community.
      5. Come and testify at Planning Commission Hearings and City Council Hearings that are scheduled to make decisions about your community:

South Greeley Directional (Frontier) and Greeley Directional

Tuesday, April 8, 1:15 pm

Lincoln Park Annex Building, 919 7th St.


Mid-Town Directional: TBA—Connect with WAW to stay informed


      1. Contact State and Local Public Officials (and candidates). Let them know your concerns with residential drilling and the particular site in your community, and ask for their help. (See Contacts: especially Greeley Council, Staff, COGCC and Governor.)
      2. Support State and Local Ballot Initiatives that Promote Balanced Responsible Oil and Gas Development. Collect signatures, get out the vote…Watch for more information about when this will launch! These initiatives would not be a fracking ban, but would clarify acceptable community standards.
      3. Support State Legislation to Study Public Health Impacts of Oil and Gas Drilling on the Front Range. (Ref: House Bill 14-1297 / Contact: Your State Senator and Representative.)

Contact Information:

Greeley City Council (also http://greeleygov.com/CityCouncil/default.aspx)

Mayor:   tom.norton@greeleygov.com                           970-350-9772

Ward I:   charles.archibeque@greeleygov.com              970-353-2876

Ward II:   randy.sleight@greeleygov.com                        970-336-4294

Ward III: john.gates@greeleygov.com                             970-336-4296

Ward IV: michael.finn@greeleygov.com                         970-590-1523

At Large: sandi.elder@greeleygov.com                           970-336-4293

At Large: robb.casseday@greeleygov.com                     970-336-4292

Greeley Staff (can also serve as liaison for information to the Planning Commission):

City Manager: roy.otto@greeleygov.com                            970-350-9774

Comm. Dev. Director:   brad.mueller@greeleygov.com       970-350-9780

City Planner: mike.garrott@greeleygov.com                       970-350-9784

Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission:  


Director Matt Lepore: matt.lepore@state.co.us               303-894-2100

(cc. douglas.young@state.co.us)


Governor John Hickenlooper:  


Contact via website: www.colorado.gov/govhdir              303-866-2471


State Senator District 13:


Senator Scott Renfroe: senatorrenfroe@gmail.com         970-539-0774

State Representatives:

District 50:   Rep. Dave Young:dave@repdaveyoung.com              970-392-0690

District 48: Rep. Steve Humphrey::rephumphrey48@yahoo.com  970-290-8589


U.S. Senators:

Senator Michael Bennet: www.bennet.senate.gov/contact/           970-356-5506

Senator Mark Udall: www.markudall.senate.gov/?p=contact          970-224-2200


U.S. House of Representatives:

Rep. Cory Gardner: http://www.gardner.house.gov/contact-me                970-351-6007



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