1] Blessed are those who live simply, for they enable others to live as well; it is they who will inherit the earth.

2] Blessed are the teachers and critical thinkers, for they patiently ensure the next generation is eco-literate, understands interconnection, and feels empathy for all living things.

3] Blessed are the students, for they inherit the mistakes of their elders and shoulder more than their fair share of the collective burden as we forge a new way forward.

4] Blessed are our responsive policy-makers, civil servants, politicians, organizers, and volunteers, for they love our community and build civic capacity and participation.

5] Blessed are the so-called radical fringe and activist streak, for they patrol the precipice, preventing deniers from falling into the abyss of willful ignorance at the edge of the flat world.

6] Blessed are the groups that spring from the grass, as did Weld Air and Water, may these groups thrive and persevere so that the seventh generation hence knows that someone—we–cared.

7] Blessed are those who drove here today using fossil fuels, for though they support systemic change, they have few choices; may affordable renewable options be readily available soon now yesterday!

8] Blessed are those who quietly work to change things from within, incognito and afraid to lose their jobs, friends, or standing, for theirs is the most difficult and compromised road to travel.

9] Blessed are those who walk, bike, recycle, and compost for they serve as role models for us all.

10] Blessed are the renewable energy innovators, entrepreneurs, green job creators, and researchers; the future belongs to them.

11] Blessed are the tree huggers, for they are not ashamed to show love by throwing their arms around the world.

12] Blessed are those who brave the elements in order to march for the earth, for they shall be honored by the planting of a forest of huggable trees.

13] Blessed are the couch surfers who got off their behinds to become the change they wished to see, for in them is the hope and fate of the entire world.

Blessed be!

Wendy Highby
People’s Climate March
April 29, 2017